At the beginning of the heating season, most gas boiler owners deal with a gas boiler inspection. This is a regular annual service of the device and its launch during the heating season. The obligation to carry out the revision follows from Decree 508/2009 Coll.

You can be sure that your boiler will be ready, set according to your needs and will ensure the warmth of your home during the winter months.

cistenie kotloveho vymennika

We guarantee the quality and professional service of gas equipment.

Did you forget about the last boiler service last time? Did you try to order the service but everyone was busy at the beginning of the heating season? It’ll not happen with us. With a regular annual inspection, we’ll remind you a date of inspection and together we’ll find a suitable date, well in advance, so you are ready at the first low temperatures and able to warm your home.


The annual technical inspection of the condensing boiler includes:

  • inspection of the overall condition of the boiler
  • gas supply inspection
  • inspection of flue gas exhaust, fan manostat, flue gas thermostat
  • inspection of the gas tightness of the gas distribution in the boiler
  • inspection of the hydraulic part of the boiler, pressure relief valve, pressurization of the heating system
  • inspection of the electrical part of the boiler
  • inspection and, if necessary, pressurizing the expansion tank
  • cleaning the main torch and electrodes
  • burner ignition inspection, gas pressure setting, power control
  • inspection of the function of the three-way valve
  • inspection of the function of all control and safety elements
  • inspection and cleaning the filters of the heating system, inspection of the function of the vent valve
  • overall functional test of the boiler, inspection report writing
  • inspection and setting combustion of CO2 emission values