During our 5 years on the market, we encountered various failures in gas equipment, which we had to solve and repair the client’s boiler in order to function properly. We pay attention to the diagnosis of the problem, as a detailed inspection of the equipment will allow us to solve the problem completely and ensure that the customer is not surprised by a boiler malfunction in a month due to another hidden error.

Errors are often detected during the boiler inspection when the boiler is dismantled and the clogged parts are cleaned – just cleaning of the boiler and pressurizing of the expansion tank will solve many problems. In addition, by using the flue gas analyzer we set the right oxygen to gas ratio, so we can save the customer’s gas costs.

Any error that occurs on the gas equipment can be resolved. Therefore, we try to pay close attention to diagnostics so we can give the client all possible repair solutions before buying a new boiler.

In case of a boiler malfunction during the heating season, we can provide you with spare parts within 24 hours and plan a repair as soon as possible.